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Cheap Harley Davidson T Shirts

cheap harley davidson t shirts

Cross Country Road Trip 08/4-6/92

Cross Country Road Trip 08/4-6/92

My GOD! I can't believe we made it!! A mere 30 consecutive hours of sheer hell and we are in Ohio. We decided we could do it and we each have had 2 hours sleep. Not much happened. Wyoming is huge & all along the road are snow barriers. We stopped to get Ed a Harley Davidson t-shirt, because he wanted one from a really obscure place. He is so broke I spotted him the cash for it. Kansas is flat and smells like cow dung. We hit a hailstorm that lasted for over one and a half hours at 50 miles per hour. Most people pulled over to wait out the storm, but we said "to hell with that!!" & Turned on the offroad lights and went for it. At some point I fell asleep and of all the bad timing Ed chooses that time to witness a tractor trailer accident. I missed it. Actually he could not wake me up. On my shift we passed Indiannapolis speedway - I could ot wake Ed up for anything. Gas here is incredibly cheap. What was $1.50 in Cali is $.95 here. When we finally got to...

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

my 1988 Harley Davidson Sportster Chopper

cheap harley davidson t shirts

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